Hello there fellow GoT fans, if you do not know what GoT is google it up and start watching because this might be one of the biggest leaks in the series!

So you might of seen alot of script leaks already. Here is 1 example:


Cersei pushes past Jaime and towards the throne. He turns on his heel, watches Cersei as she walks up those steps, a crazed look in her eyes.
It’s all too familiar for Jaime.

Jaime: Cersei. What are you talking about?

Cersei: I’m talking about you, dear brother. You who defended our lecherous little brother. You who murdered our father. You who abandoned me in a time of need and consorted with the enemy.

Jaime: Daenerys is not your enemy. Jon Snow is not your enemy. The only enemies you have to worry about are outside the city gates right now!

Cersei takes her seat at the throne, saying nothing.

Jaime inches closer to his sister. His face is contorted in a look of desperate pleading. This has to work.

Jaime: Cersei, you are – you’re an intelligent woman. You may be jealous, you may be cruel, but you know how to place your bets. Keeping the only man who can defeat the White Walkers in chains is not a smart bet.

Cersei: You would have me release a usurper? Tell me, after that Northern fool and his white-haired bitch defeat the Night King, what do you think will happen to me?

Jaime: You can’t defeat the Night King on your own.

Cersei: Can’t I?
Jaime pauses, racking his brain for what this could mean. And then… it hits him.

Yztz Cys - Game Of Thrones S8E01

This was leaked by one of my best friends and you can find more here .

Image Leaks:

Game Thrones Season 7 Finale Cliffhangers 1024x576 - Game Of Thrones S8E01
game of thrones season 7 finale 1 1024x576 - Game Of Thrones S8E01
gallery 1504093261 game of thrones season 7 episode 7 finale - Game Of Thrones S8E01

So this christmas everyone that was working on GoT in season 7 got a gift. The gift was the exclusive episode 1 of the season 8.

So only about 452 copies are available. So instead of giving out hard copies of the episode they decided everyone will get a code and redeem it at Netflix.

You might think that this is really dangerous to do because alot of people can steal it, and thats exactly what happened.

But they took a precaution, if Netflix detects any screensaving on the device it will report to the producers and the person will be fired from the show. So when you redeem the code at Netflix it shows the name of the person the code belongs to.

So you might be wondering, what now ?

The website that is giving out the codes, was hijacked by a good friend of my and he decided to give them to me since he only wanted 1 for himself to show his daughter, who is a really big fan of GoT 🙂

Since I already gave some codes to all my friends, I decided to share some with you guys.

So the process is really simple:

Step 1: Click on the Button Enjoy below, it will open a Human Verification System, Read Step 2.

Step 2: Since there is alot of request for this episode and not alot of codes we really didn’t want to lose any to bots. So we implemented a Human Verification System. All it does is confirm that you are a human. That’s all!

Step 3: Once you completed the Verification you will be shown a 8-digit code. The code will be up for only 60 seconds, then it will disappear. Make sure you have something to write it down or take a picture of it.

Step 4: Go to Netflix (if you do not own Netflix, I am really sorry but this feature is only available on Netflix)

Step 5: Go to this website on netflix: https://www.netflix.com/redeem

Step 6: Enter the code. You will be redirected to the Episode.

Step 7: Enjoy and happy new year !

Codes Left: